This blog is a collaborative effort among those who make their living working in and studying the “shadow banking system.”

The Contributors

  • Charles Davì (OTC Market Adviser);
  • John Kiff (Senior Financial Sector Expert at the IMF); and
  • Ranjan X. Roy (Emerging Markets Trader).

The Picture

Lorenzo de’ Medici.

The Disclaimer

The information contained in this blog is not to be relied on for any purpose. By reading the material on this blog you agree to not rely on any of the information contained therein in any way or for any purpose.

The information contained in this blog is not professional advice in any sense of that term. And it is certainly not legal or investment advice.

The opinions expressed in each article on this blog are those of the article’s  author and do not in anyway reflect the opinions of the other contributors to this blog or any organization, firm, or individual with which any of us are in any way affiliated.


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